20th July 2013

Writing Weekly Roundup

So it’s Saturday morning – a day for rest, relaxation and words. A lot of them.

Working 9-5 can be a little tolling when it comes to writing, so it’s always good to find a free weekend. Other than going to see this¬†incredible¬†version of Macbeth in a carpark tonight, I’m reserving the next few days to get some all important editing done on my novel.

So to get my creative juices flowing…and hopefully yours too, here are a couple of articles and websites that have sprung out to me in the last week:

200px-CuckoosCallingCover1. An extract from The Cuckoo’s Calling, JK Rowling’s secret book. It was revealed earlier this week that the novel supposedly by first time writer Robert Galbraith, was in fact by JK Rowling. It has turned out that the true identity of the author was leaked by a law firm (good luck to their future employment…). JK is said to be outraged- and within reason. What do you guys think of people using pseudonyms? Was JK in the right to use a secret identity? I have to say that after the pressure she must have felt from Casual Vacancy, it’s very much in reason for her to want to try something new. In the meantime, why not have a cheeky read?

2. How We Spend Our Days. A wonderfully written column from the blog Catching Days. This particular article was written by author Caroline Leavitt about a day in the life of a writer. Great if you’re looking for a way to structure your day.

3. A little bit off track, but who can resist this year’s Comic Con costumes? They get more impressive every year. Comic Con is, for me, a writers dream. Imagine turning up to find scores of people dressed as one of your characters? It must be incredibly invigorating.


Website of the week:

Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr

I have a lot of love for Neil Gaiman. Not only is he a mindblowingly incredible writer, his attitude towards his fans is top notch. His Tumblr is good for answering those niggling questions (how to combat procrastination, where to get inspiration from). There is a soothing side in knowing that Mr Gaiman also suffers from the habit of ‘internet’, and it’s all written with a charming sense of humour.


So that’s all for this week! Why not comment with any writing articles that have stood out to you? Meanwhile, I’m going to boil the kettle and get back to typing away…have a lovely weekend!

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