2nd December 2018

Ways of expressing grief.

After I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed a couple of years ago, I was convinced that the only way I would be able to express and process my grief was by walking the Pacific Crest Trail. There is no easy way to access the Pacific West Trail when you live in Manchester, so my next… Read more

14th October 2018

Grief and building a sense of home.

Grief can be pretty lonely. You’ve lost a puzzle piece in the map of people you know and interact with, and your life becomes fragmented as a result. After losing my Mum, my understanding of my friends and family changed significantly. She’d been a centrepiece in that arrangement and suddenly she was gone. That experience… Read more

2nd September 2018

Telling new people about your grief

This is definitely one of those weird grief things that people don’t speak about enough. How do you tell a brand new person about your grief? A challenge I’ve started to face over the last few months when meeting lovely new people is feeling like I’m sat with my hand clutched over a closed bag that… Read more

21st July 2018

Grief and structure

Grief throws you off. The people we have in our lives form a structure around us – we all have that friend we ring on that street on the way home, or the once a month coffee and catch up. Those conversations give us the strength to keep going. The joy of ‘I’ll get this… Read more

6th May 2018

Counselling and oranges

My first ever counsellor was big into mindfulness, and on a fateful February day handed me the ripest, juiciest, most beautiful orange you’ve ever seen in your life. I held it in my hands and she told me to think about eating it for ten minutes. That’s a long time to think about an orange.… Read more

7th January 2018

Dealing with grief – restless nights

Mum’s been living in a garage in the boot of a car, watching chick flicks on DVD for the past two years. I ask her, exasperated, when this is going to end. When she’s going to come back and let people know she’s alive, ‘there are a lot of people who miss you.’ ‘I need… Read more