2nd June 2019

Grief and anger

Anger is a really confusing emotion and one that can rear its head in so many unexpected ways. It’s a way of hitting out at the world, at others, at yourself when you feel as though something isn’t fair. When my Mum died I was angry with everything. I would lose my temper unexpectedly, and… Read more

24th March 2019

Grief and feelings

The sun was back in that teasing way that it has been, and I was sat in Piccadilly Gardens with one of my best friends. It was lunch and we’d decided to purchase a mid-week treat (a McDonalds that neither of us would mention again, a secret to be kept). I was in a bad… Read more

10th March 2019

Living alone

I get home at one in the morning and I’m nervous. If she’s up, she’s definitely going to be mad. She won’t have eaten at her regular dinner time (seven, on the dot) and I’ll no doubt get a proper telling off. I open the door to the flat and she’s sat in the middle… Read more

27th January 2019

An ode to hotel rooms

I love hotel rooms. I love that you can walk into a fancy hotel wearing scruffy trainers and an oversized second-hand coat and when the receptionist asks why you’re staying, there’s no obligation to be honest. Just a break from the world, you know how it is. The demands of the day to day. It’s… Read more

2nd December 2018

Ways of expressing grief.

After I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed a couple of years ago, I was convinced that the only way I would be able to express and process my grief was by walking the Pacific Crest Trail. There is no easy way to access the Pacific West Trail when you live in Manchester, so my next… Read more

14th October 2018

Grief and building a sense of home.

Grief can be pretty lonely. You’ve lost a puzzle piece in the map of people you know and interact with, and your life becomes fragmented as a result. After losing my Mum, my understanding of my friends and family changed significantly. She’d been a centrepiece in that arrangement and suddenly she was gone. That experience… Read more