About Megan Holland

Once described as a ‘wonderful Hogwarts teacher’ by a stranger in Waterstones, my life has peaked too quickly.

I write all sorts: short stories, poetry, novels, plays and films. I’m all about experimenting with form, absorbing information from all kinds of strange places and spitting it back out again in whatever shape the words choose to take.

You’ll often find me working with other writers and creatives, frequenting and performing at open mic nights and watching theatre. I love to read, favourites including Donna Tartt, Daniel Handler and Murakami. I panic if I don’t have at least one book on my person at all times.

My fiction spans across several forms. My self published short story, The Coalman raised over £600 for the homeless charity Barnabus in 2015. My novel, The Last Picture House, was selected as one of fifty in Manchester for the Penguin Random House initiative, Writenow, created to recognise and publish writers from underrepresented communities. My short play, Resistance was performed at Oldham Coliseum Theatre as part of the First Break festival. My short story, Date Night, is a winner of the Creative Future Literary Awards 2017.  I am being mentored and supported by the LGBTQ initiative, ‘Raising Our Voices’.